Internet Kill Switch on GL-MT1300 router, does it auto-reconnect?

Internet Kill Switch on GL-MT1300 router, does it auto-reconnect?

I’ve enabled the ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature on the GL-MT1300 router. My question is: when the VPN connection is lost, does the router try to auto-matically reconnect to the VPN?

I only enabled the feature today, with my router connected to a NordVPN server. The first time I noticed my connection dropped, I believe the router auto-reconnected to the VPN server (though I’m uncertain).

The second time my connection dropped it stayed down for a while, where I logged into the router admin interface to disconnect from VPN, reconnect, and reset connection. This seemed to be quicker.

Does the router always reconnect? Does it give up after some time? Would it be wise to force a UDP VPN connection vs. TCP for reconnection issues?

When you enable VPN, the router will automatically reconnect to vpn, when connection is lost or router reboot. As you use openvpn, which have more control from the server side. For example, the server can send disconnect message to the client side (the router) so the router just disconnect from the vpn, whithout reconnect. However this is not the case for wireguard.

Killswitch, has nothing related above. It just force your data goes via VPN. If you do not enable vpn, no Internet.