Internet Leak (ar300m)

Firmware 2.262. Settings = VPN Enabled / Force VPN / Not Started (I uploaded a dummy .ovpn to achieve this).

Router can both check for firmware update (2.263) and also download new update! This is contrary to “No Internet if VPN is not connected” as per the GUI. Also, it makes me wonder what other exceptions to this rule there are hidden away somewhere! For me no internet means exactly that - NO INTERNET.


First, please upgrade to newest firmware.

Second, weather there is Internet or not, only refers to the devices connected to the router, not the router itself. The router need to connect to the Internet all the time.

If you want to achieve something as you said, then there is a loop.

VPN cannot connected -> router has no Internet -> Router will not reach the VPN server -> VPN will not be connect.


Updated to 2.264 (testing).

Why is there a loop? - sorry but I don’t understand that.

The router cannot connect to a VPN if the VPN is required for it to connect, it will only pass traffic though the VPN from the LAN interface to the VPN interface, yet the router still have full inet access as required to find the VPN server and connect to it.

I’m not a programmer, but you have a great team!
Please check how the Dovado PRO AC team did it:

Best Regards!

I see what you meant. Interesting feature it add.

By default, do you want it be checked?

By default all your internal services will use the VPN when then VPN is activiated. Openvpn pushes these 2 routes which shortcuts your default gateway, unless you are using split VPN

route add via
route add via

Has this leak been resolved?
Are all router internal services exiting via VPN now?

Yes of course. This is 2 years ago. All the firmware has been upgraded to 3.x.