Introducing GL.iNet MT300N-V2, AR300M-Lite and Firmware v2.261

We are happy to announce releasing our new product MT300N-V2 and AR300M-Lite

MT300N-V2 is an updated version of MT300N. Now you have 128MB RAM and better WiFi speed.

AR300M-Lite is an affordable version of AR300M, removed Nand Flash and one Ethernet port. Other things are the same. It is perfect for business applications.

Firmware V2.261 is equipped with a lot of features and bug fix. Please check the release note here : Releases - GL.iNet

The biggest change is that we update openvpn to the version v2.243 which has some security bug fixes.

Shadowsocks client and server is added to the router. We are still making the UI. A technical guide will be out soon.



@alzhao will you sell the AR300M standard edition on Amazon (DE) again? As I see it is not available there anymore :frowning:

@RoberTico, we are trying. We have a problem in Amazon store and trying to solve it now. Amazon value their customers but treat their sellers really bad.

Just placed another order for <span style=“color: #222222; font-family: source_sans_proregular, ‘Helvetica Neue’, Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 14.666666984558105px; background-color: transparent;”>MT300N-V2, look forward to the AES encryption speed, especially compared with MT300N.</span>

Hi @alzhao, what is the status with the gigabit LAN router? I am very excited about that…

hi alzhao , webui still shows ver 2.25 as latest fw. should it be updated manually?

Hi, just wanted to ask what is the theoretical max openvpn speed for mt300nv2 and ar300m lite.

AES128 CBC or the standard encryption for most vpns.

@squad_31, pls upgrade manually. We disabled auto update by default because that may cause problem without the users attention.

@beatmag, for max openvpn encryption, AR300M-Lite around 17Mbps, MT300N-V2 around 13 Mbps

@alzhao, when will the MT300N-V2 become available at My MT300A convinced me that the flexibility of these small devices should make them ideal for some home automation tasks I have in mind…

@peter_ber, yes we are sending stock there. It should be available around 2 to 3 weeks.

Will you have a version with external antennas?

ar3oomd is already soldout. any plan to continue this product?

@squad_31, we are running out of the 5G module. Trying to get it back to stock. Anyway, we are redesigning AR300MD to a new product.

Nice idea for the lite version. Why not with external antennae?

>>> Nice idea for the lite version. Why not with external antennae?

The word “Lite” should have been a giveaway.


Lite, means something (either hardware or software) has been removed.

Hi Alfie,

MT300N’s firmware works for MT300N-V2 also?

@Venkata NO NO NO. Don’t try.

@alzhao I have a question about MT300-V2:
Since a while I use a mini router AR150 which is connected by cable to the internet at 100Mbit/sec and I can get (without vpn or any encryption) a maximum WiFi speed of 50Mbit/sec with radio mode 11n(150M)
Will it be an improvement in WiFi speed if I switch to a new MT300N-V2 using radio mode 11n(300M) ?

Tested using iphone, MT300N-V2 should have a much better wifi performance than AR150.