Iphone 6S Plus Tethering

I have a GL-AR-150 running firmware 2.24. I can get the GL-AR-150 setup working when I connect it to my router via the WAN port. WiFi works fine and I have internet access. If I disconnect the GL-AR-150 from my router and plug my iPhone 6S Plus into the USB port on the GL-AR-150 I can have no connection to the internet thru my phone. All I see on the web interface is “Connecting to the Internet” which never goes away and I have no internet connectivity.

The hotspot on my iPhone requires a password but I’ve never been prompted for a password on the GL-AR-150. I have the iPhone connected with a USB cable and the iPhone shows up in the web interface as eth2, so the GL-AR-150 seems to see the iPhone. What do I need to do to make the GL-AR-150 connect to the internet using my iPhone?


Thanks Les de NA5AA


Your phone should pop up a message, you need to “Trust” the computer from your phone.

If it keep connecting but no IP address, disable the hotspot and then enable it again. This always do the trick in my side.

There is no need to use a password as it is connected via USB, not wireless.

I have not seen any prompt asking about Trust when plugging the iPhone into the GL-AR-150. My iPhone is a iPhone 6S Plus running IOS 10.2

Is there any way to force the Trust message to appear on the iPhone? Does the GL-AR-150 need to be connect to my router for this to happen, or have something plugged into the GL-AR-150 LAN port before the Trust message will appear?


Thanks Les de NA5AA

The message pop up when you plug in the iphone to the router via USB. You can try to unplug and plug again so this message can pop up.

I managed to get the pop up that asks if you “Trust this computer” by resetting my network connections on the iPhone. The iPhone now tethers to the GL-AR-150 without any issues now.


Thanks Les de NA5AA