iPhone Connection sharing with GL-AR300M16 no tethering

I would like to share my iPhone connecting with GL-ARM300M16 in repeater mode (without cable) however, when I scan for available networks my iPhone does not appear (iPhone 13 iOS 16.3). I tried adding the network details manually and after clicking Join it seems that the GL router tried to connect but then it goes back to another connection no errors raised

please provied your firmware version.

The version is 3.215

Our test works fine, you can try the following ways

  1. Turn off hotspot and turn it on 5 seconds later
  2. Restart the mobile phone
  3. Change the cable

Cable? I am trying to use it wireless tethering is working fine but when I share my connection with the personal Hotspot on the phone, the GL does not see it

Tried the 1 & 2 and the GL still does not see my iPhone. Number 3 is with cable which I do not want