Iphone connection sharing

I did what you told me agent smith, the connection with the PC is done automatically, I see my iPhone, I connect to it either directly, or with others. But nothing works,

On the iPhone, the blue bar never flashes when it is connected, it remains fixed. the LEDs are white, not blue or green on the modem MT300N.

Hmmm strange enough…, do you see something like “udhcpc: received SIGTERM” followed by “apcli0” is down at the time you connect mango to iphone on luci system log? If yes try my last suggestion :

  1. Go to luci >> system >> startup
  2. Search gl-health, stop and disable it
  3. Restart mango
  4. Do my first suggestion above once again (with ethernet cable)

My iphone not always has blue bar when its succeed to connect and give internet access to mango, I don’t know its ios bug or what.

If the problem persist, then I have no more ideas, maybe change your internet sources

Scroll to Revert Firmware and read this article. It can help. All your settings in Mango will be erased.

None of your methods are working.
The LEDs on the Mango stay white all the time, they shouldn’t change color when it is powered on or connected,?
Can I connect with my modem?
But not with my iPhone!

The colour of the LEDs means nothing. The older models had coloured LEDs, the new ones are only white!

(Sorry, can’t help with Apple as never had one (and never will :stuck_out_tongue: ) )