iPhone tether connection immediately drops with "TX timeout" error

Spend disproportionally much time trying to get my newly acquired Convexa-B to tether my iPhone SE 2 its connection, and managed to figure out how to get it working after much trial-and-error. But there’s one final problem I haven’t been able to resolve: moments after the tether connection is made and I am able to browse the internet, the connection stops working again after 0-30 seconds.

Based on the system logs and much investigation of the possible issues, I’m confident the relevant error is:

Sat Jul 25 16:32:12 2020 kern.err kernel: [ 1019.916896] ipheth 1-1:4.2: ipheth_tx_timeout: TX timeout

I am at a loss how to resolve this issue, as well as how to get more information on the root cause of the timeout itself. My latest hunch is it might be related to the “Trust this device” resetting, but I don’t know how to validate this. Another thought might be that the USB port is faulty.
Has anyone experienced this as well? Any clues as to what the issue might be?

Highlights of what I’ve tried so far:

  1. Update everything
  2. Install all available packages related to iPhone connectivity
  3. 3300 reboots, reconnects and re-enabling personal hotspots between 4 different iPhone cables

Welp looks like I finally figured it out.

A factory reset + installing the missing packages that are listed as required in the open wrt guide on tethering + reboot did the trick. I’m guessing one of those fixed some fundamental connectivity issue with the latest iPhone models?

@GL.iNet - highly recommend to (a) update the plugins that ship with the product, and (b) add this in a guide somewhere.

Thanks for reporting this. Will check what is the update.