IPSEC VPN on top of Brume Wireguard cannot access IPSEC computers

I have successfully configured Wireguard server on a Brume and can successfully connect to it from a Wireguard client installed on a Beryl. I have a client PC connected to Beryl that can successfully open an IPSEC VPN connection to a corporate network but the client PC cannot reach computers on the IPSEC VPN (that it can when it is not going through the Wireguard server).

I’m sure there’s someone on here smart enough to direct me if the solution is already documented or discussed elsewhere?

Seems strange. But I have no experience in this.

revision: I can access some servers on the IPSEC VPN but not all of them. I have compared ip tables, DNS, tracert, everything I can think of with no luck.

This is absurd.

L2TP/Ipsec is a corporate standard for many.

Why cant Beryl support this.
Is there a way to make this work?

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