Is double NAT the way double firewall be implemented? btw, 2 opal in same network sucks? thx

i will stick to openwrt because when a device is blocked from internet,
others could still connect to it for samba etc; some commercials don’t allow. i am naive to set.

  1. i heard business use double firewall to protect PCs; i know double NAT do the same;
    but is it the way or they really use 2 firewalls instead of 2 NATs
    is 2 NATs really so un-prefered? i used that for years, only recently with unstable problems.

  2. i bought 2 opal because they are cheap. sales told me dont use on same network as
    either the wifi name or the lan/device name wont show the last part to differentiate the two.

is it still the same now? as i found the new UI have longer space, in some UI it did show up the differenct e.g. sft1200-xxx vs -yyy


Dual NAT will definitely reduce the rate and increase instability. It’s a matter of trade-offs, there is no right or wrong.

But the name issue is easy to fix. You can change the Wi-Fi name yourself, and you can change the device name in LuCI as well.

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