Is dual wan load balancing possible on GL-AR750S

I want some destination IP goes through cable, and some through USB tethering. Is it possible to do so? Thanks.

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It is possible but may not work brilliant.

You need to change settings in /etc/config/network and /et/config/mwan3

The “metric” value means priority. A low metric mean high priority. If two connections have the same metric, it will loadbalance.

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Hello, I currently have my GL-AX1800 setup using eth0 as wan and eth1 as wan2 though the config/network and have them balanced though config/mwan3 and all is well. I am now looking to see if anyone knows what script would need to be changed in the www/src/temple/internet folder in order to get the wan2 status to show up in the gl.iNet admin panel for quick viewing rather than having to to the network interface page on LucI.