Is GLi closing down or just having website issues?

Is your store closing down?
I see the [Support] and [Shop] buttons dont work and there seem to be no products listed?
Or perhaps theres just an issue with the website?

Hi, is it working now? Maybe the website had problems.

Hi, I have just double checked.

At first the website worked ok, but then, after logging in to the forum, the website has problem.

It seems that once I log in, the problem starts.

No longer do the home,products,shop and support menus work.


can you give a screenshot?

Thought I uploaded a GIF video… Ill try again.



Im using Mozilla on Win7.
Actually, I also could not upload the image I embedded above.

SHOP page when NOT logged in:


SHOP page when logged in:

I see. So strange.

Can you try Chrome?

Ok, just tested.

PaleMoon (Mozilla) v25.5.0 Safe Mode - problems.
updated to …
PaleMoon (Mozilla) v27.0.2 Addons Enabled - OK

Chrome - OK

So it appears that the Pale Moon version of Mozilla Browser had issues with your website.
Whilst this is now fixed, I have no idea what could have caused the issue only for your website, as we had no apparent issues browsing to other web pages, and I pretty much spend 8hrs/day browsing…
Maybe something to check into re your website, or maybe just a bug, now fixed in the latest version of PM.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Feel free to rename the title of this tread if you wish… maybe something like “PaleMoon browser not loading your website” or other as you see fit.

GLi is just having website issues like the site which will be soon resolved.