Is it possible to add software without internet connection?

If I have GL firmware and I want to add software like gl-tor, how can I do this without internet?

What exact files must I download?
How can I upload (does driobear allow scp?)
Where do I put the files?
Is there some config file to edit?

Hello did my post work?

Yes the router comes with scp. SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

You need to download gl-tor and tor ipk to the router, put it in /tmp

Then use

opkg install gl-tor tor

Then the router may complain it cannot find dependent. You should manually download the ipk and put in /tmp, then modify the above command

Okay /tmp answers one question. But I also asked how to put these onto the router with no internet connection on router, only LAN. SCP? Something else?

Also you do not know what the dependencies are I guess?

Please answer all questions. Usually I ask a few questions and if I am really lucky you answer one. :slight_smile:

Also, where to download gl-tor and tor please?

I have answered this. Pls check the link I posted.

I don’t know. But I have given you how to check.

Oh yes, sorry. I missed this. Thank you.

But this:

You need to download gl-tor and tor ipk to the router, put it in /tmp

Where do I download these please? Obviously I can not use opkg because that is on router and router will not be connected to the internet. First I must do the install for tor, then I can connect to internet.


Oh also gl-tor does not exist in OpenWRT opkg downloads:

This seems correct because why have gl download on OpenWRT site? So must be there another download page for GL I should use?

gl-tor this is Gl-iNet soft, not OpenWrt, but where download gl-tor question is opened)

Sorry I found that doing offiline install is too difficult because you need to download each ipk manually. Before you can do this you need to find out the url of each package, which seems too difficult.

Maybe you can try imagebuilder? GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section.

It will download almost all ipk to your local machine so you can find the ipk locally.

What? Obviously you need to download the ipk manaully. My question for you is what is the URL of each package I need to do Tor please.

It will download almost all ipk to your local machine so you can find the ipk locally.

I do not see this. I looked at the page for imagebuilder (GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section.) and I do not see this. It looks like you must specifically say each package.

Do you research the answers before you give them? Because sometimes it seems you only say a thing but do not understand what you are saying.

Also sometimes I do not understand :slight_smile: so maybe if you explain this answer I will understand. Thank you.

Look, you are person who told me to install tor and gl-tor, and dependencies. This is probably good idea. All I ask is what is URL plesae for these files? tor I can maybe find because it is OpenWRT. But gl-tor is private to GL, so it is you who must know.

Please give one answer or other:

1 - how actually do you suggest imagebuilder will help, being specific

2 - URL of each file you tell me to download and install please

I answered your questions. I cannot give the url of each package. You want offline install so I give you the basic instruction. But I found each step I need to give a very detailed instruction.

Sorry I gave up.

@ponzi1 Here are all the packages:

You didn’t specify what router you have so those are for all. You can find the gl_tor package there. Download it and upload the file using the ssh guide Alfie sent you. As Alfie wrote there might be some dependencies. They differ for each router, the install command Alfie sent you will tell you what is missing. You can then download those packages that are required from the same link above where you can find the tor package.


Thank you! This is the question I asked. Very simple question, right?

I actually did not decide which router yet. How can I know which chip my router have so I choose the correct package? This does not exist in docs: Overview - GL.iNet Docs

Where are the tech specifications please? Some routers do not even have basic link on that page.

Okay please tell me the correct directory for each one of these please:


Then I think I will have good options and I can finally fix this problem.

You can enter all the names here:

Change to “Snapshot” to get a full list.

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Thank you! Do you have any idea where to find OpenWRT packages. I do not find “tor” here:

For example for 300n-v2

You can find them here:

Tor is in the gli_pub folder.

You can actually also find the gl packages there as well, like gl-tor, but the link i sent is the most up to date ones i believe.