Is it safe to update a GL-MT300N-V2 to firmware 2.27, yes or no?

Hi Everyone,

I just got this G-MT300N-V2 today and it seems to work perfectly. I am very impressed so far.

I noticed while updating the settings that a new firmware update v2.27 is available. Is it safe to update a GL-MT300N-V2 to firmware 2.27, yes or no? I am new to this forum, and I just read a few posts with some unhappy people who updated the firmware to v2.27, and now claim their device is not working properly ???

If I update to this new v2.27 firmware and this router stops working correctly, can I reverse it (and how to do that?), or get a free replacement router?

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Phil (phd21)
Linux Mint forum member: phd21

You can always revert to old firmware using unit web failsafe.

Can you tell me what is your current firmware now? I want to know this. I have tried upgrading many times without problems not sure why someone cannot. Pls share some info.

Hi alzhao,

Thank you for responding so quickly, I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

My router currently shows v2.26.

Best regards to you and yours,
Phil (phd21)

Pls upgrade and let me know if you have a problem.

Hi alzhao,

Well, that had me very worried. I updated the firmware through the router. I had to reboot the router and redo my settings, but it still works with the new v2.27. This makes me happy. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I want you to know that I am a very experienced computer user, and I was a small businessman and software developer (multi-user software) for many years for businesses and people all over the USA (nationwide). Now, I help people from all over the world in the Linux Mint forums.

It takes a lot to impress me regarding computers and related hardware and software. But, I am truly very impressed with this mini router and how well it works and its features. I have already been recommending this router to other Linux Mint forum members and on where I left a nice review.

I have a Linksys wrt310n which I tried to update to open source router firmware a long time ago and it became “bricked”. I am still trying to figure out if I can repair or fix that. You don’t know how to fix that do you?

Best regards to you and yours,
Phil (phd21)

Thanks for your kindness. For a specific router, you may need to do some research of how to debrick. There is no rules for all. But I am pretty sure it can be debricked.