Is my radio normal or just weak?

Hi All,

Since upgrading from a Netgear R7000 to the Flint, I’ve noticed about half of my WiFi devices keep randomly dropping out and re-enlisting. Some are so out-of-range they refuse to connect at all. Is this normal? Has anyone tried the different power level settings? The radio power is set to max so I don’t know what else I can do except convert the R7000 to a repeater…


Do these devices use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or 5GHz Wi-Fi?
Are the Flint’s WiFi channels and bandwidths the same as the R7000 settings? Have you tried changing the channel and bandwidth?

I assumed they were, but upon further inspection… Power was already on max, I ended up setting both channels to “auto”, 2.4g to “11b/g/n”, and 5g to “11a/n/ac”. I have no idea what “ax” does, but pretty sure none of my stuff uses it cause it wasn’t listed for the R7000.

Should bandwidth be higher for signal strength (range) or lower? Or is it more for speed than range?


Has the problem been solved since you stopped using ax? It is the WiFi 6 protocol and there may be some compatibility issues on some devices that are too old.

Bandwidth mainly affects speed, and using higher bandwidths will give greater speeds. But this also requires client compatibility.
For more distant devices, you should try connecting them to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

No change, I’ve since put all radio settings back to factory. I did try turning of the 5g radio and things seemed a bit more stable. Some of my devices can only use 5g so it’s back on as well.


Please try setting up 36 channel for 5GHz Wi-Fi as well as 20MHz bandwidth and 1 or 11 channel for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

For now, I’m using my old Netgear as a WiFi AP and have the radios on the Flint turned off. When things get calmed down a bit, I should just be able to unplug the LAN cable feeding the Netgear, turn on the Flint’s radios, and see what happens, right?