Is the user friendly OpenVpn server setup safe?

Hello everybody,
it was easy to setup a VPN with two GL-MT300N-V2 one as server, the other as client. I am a newbie, so I want to ask if it’s really safe, or is it necessary to tweak the config files a little bit? It was so userfriendly and easy to set up, that I am not sure and will be happy if someone can explain me what I have to change, if I had to change the configs.
Thanks for a response

To tweak the configs further you need to log into the router and edit the config files directly. You can follow this guide:

To make it more secure you can regenerate the DH, cert and key files using the encryption that you want.
For that you just have to follow the usual OpenVPN guides.

It hasn’t a powerful security, such as weak encryption, and built-in Diffie–Hellman key. It only promise the OpenVPN server is available. We will improve the security and deliver more options in the future.

Ok and thanks for developing the firmware further.