Is there a openwrt 18.06.1 for B1300?

I just got a B1300 from Amazon, is the latest release of openwrt available for this hardware?


Yup! You can find it in here. But the open wireless driver has a bad performance, while our official firmware is based on QSDK.

I cannot remember. But should have 18.06.1. Pls check openwrt.

But for snapshot you will surely find the firmware for B1300. And it works very well.

So let me we clear about this, I can upgrade openwrt from 15.05.1 to 18.06.1 via the link kyson-lok posted (what’s the difference between the uImage and sysupgrade files?) independently from the firmware (currently 2.272 ?
And will that retain the official wireless drivers?


In general, we use .bin file, it will write into flash, while .itb file is a firmware only boot from RAM.

How to boot from RAM without flash it?

tftpb xxx.itb
set fdt_high 0x85000000
bootm 0x84000000