Is there a script to block attacks as SSH attacks or else?

Client isolation will isolate the devices within the Guest network. So they can't reach each other.
This isn't needed for isolating Guest ↔ LAN.

It is difficult to understand because we are used to consider the guest wireless as something at risk, and that is advised to disable. So it is difficult to understand that it can be a security if we use it ourselves. Basically it is something for guests, that could be friends but also hostiles...

According the explanations on the interface this "Client isolation" would block the access to the interface to guests ... it is for me a good point, so why have I not this feature on it ?

I ve tried to use the guest wifi2G but it doesn't work, the phone connects to the wifi but there is no internet.

Another problem is there is no power settings for guest wireless

TX power of the guest wifi? it follows the main wifi.

OK for the TX Power, it is a good news.
But the guest 2.4G is enabled, I get it in the phone but the phone shows no internet
but I can switch on the main with the same settings, different SSID so I know my settings are good.
MAC Address is on randomized

Always use Long and Secure Passwords
Always use Different Passwords for Everything
Always use Up-To-Date Firmware

My 2 cents from a nobody:

For anyone that "can't" replace Old or Insecure Hardware, A 3-"NAT-Router-Security-Solution" as described by Steve of Gibson-Research-Corporation Might provide an acceptable solution -

The cheaper routers sold by GL-iNet could help with this.

What model do you use? and firmware?

The guest wifi on the MT6000, is working well which mean Internet access normally in my phone/laptop.

After reading this page I understand that my network may be more vulnerable that I thought, if both phone and computer are connected at the same time, but what about the fact I manage to never do this ? It is never take in count.

I understand too, that I could set my ISP's box as router too instead of as bridge, to protect my LAN from the phone.

Opal, last firmware
Opal, last firmware

Here is a quick overview how to secure your network (and device):

It is working ok on my side, PC connected the SFT-1200 Guest WiFi.

I finally had it working some hour ago... it was when I tried with the gateway address instead of the main. But before that I had allways tried activating the guest2G by the toggle button and a script ... and after succeeding, I then tried again with the toggle button, and I got the guest2G but without the internet on it :frowning:

So I am on this now : internet works if I activate guest2G by the web interface, but not if it is by the toggle button.

The default toggle button of GL firmware did not support the option of the guest-Wi-Fi controller. Please check the customize toggle script.

I know this, that's why I use some customized gl-switch.d script. But I can't understand that it works perfectly to activate the guest wifi, but a guest wifi that doesn't support internet.
I admit it could be a random effect but I can check this daily since 3 days

  • default guest2gwifi internet J1 : ON | J2 : ON | J3 : ON
  • customized toggle button guest2gwifi internet : J1 : OFF | J2 : OFF | J3 : OFF

How is this possible ? all that as if the cable was unplugged ...