Is there a way to log/document URLs and/or filter them?

hi folks,

is there a way to have the AR750/AR750s log the URLs which are used by the clients connected to it?

is there a way to filter/block certain URLs? (not in the context of VPN Policies since I am not using VPN on these units)

If you download the firmware that contains Adguard you are able to block URLs as you please :slight_smile:

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thanks for the quick reply @Johnex

the question is - how do i find out where my clients (family laptops and phones) are browsing and thus create individual block/allow rules.

In Adguard you can see a list of the recent requests, and add filters for them, as well as blocking the usual malware, ads etc.

Unfortunately the way that Adguard is configured in the GL routers, it appears as if all requests are coming from the router itself and not the individual clients (this might be fixable), but for now you only have a block list for all.