Is there one of the smaller routers with stronger signal?

I need a new router. And I like how the GL iNet look. They are also small and convenient with the microUSB charger. But among the smaller routers (AR750, AR300*) is there one that has WiFi g and n stronger signal?

AR750S with external antenna, its signal will more stronger.

Sadly, does not have it in the offer. With or without the externall antenna. AR750 is only with the internal antennas. AR300M shows two external antennas in the provided picture. Also AR150 Mini has one external antenna.

Rephrasing: between an AR750 with no external antenna and AR300M with two external antennas, which would have the stronger signal b/n ?

Hard to compare the two since the AR300M is 2.5ghz only, while the AR750 is 5ghz and 2.4ghz.
Depending on the environment around you, 5ghz might be less crowded and give you faster speed.

Wait until the AR750s is available in the french site, or get it from the official store here:

I’d say easy: just ignore the %GHz. But I guess you don’t know the answer.

AR300M with the external antenna, its signal uniformly in all directions.

btw, the antenna of AR300M is detachable, you can change high-gain antennas, it will have a stronger signal.