Is uPnP removed from latest AR750S firmware

I’m setting up a new AR750S and upgraded the firmware to 3.025. I always disable uPnP due to security concerns and looking through the admin panel I don’t see any reference to it.

I saw in release notes that it was removed in several routers but wanted to confirm that it was no longer going to be supported in the firmware for the AR750S. Is that correct?

yeah! This feature had been removed.


@kyson-lok, @alzhao, the feature was removed, meaning?

  1. Users can no longer enable or disable uPnP?
  2. Users can enable or disable uPnP, but not in the GL UI?

Using the GL UI, can I see evidence of uPnP with some port reroute or similar?

For upnp, there is server and client. They are both removed so there is no upnp now.