Isp gl-ax1800 isp vid

I need to get an ISP requeriments: VID and Priority in DHCP configuration. Is it possible? I can see this easily in asus router.
Thank you.

Do you need IPoE? It is under discussion, but there is no definite date for development yet.

It can currently be configured via LuCI: Setup WAN port as tagged VLAN 10 for fiber IPoE/DHCP - Installing and Using OpenWrt / Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum

Thank you. But its compatible with GL.iNet GL-B1300 and B2200 only? Its not the same hardware than AX1800? Can I try the script? : GitHub - professor-jonny/pj_openwrt: This repository is designed to support the wallystech DR40x9 Routerboard with DSA in mind.

The script is used to fix situations where the settigns doesn’t work, I think you just need to refer to his settings.

  1. Add device configuration in LuCI → Network → Interfaces → Devices. Select the VLAN type and eth 0 device then set the VLAN ID.
  2. Edit WAN in LuCI → Network → Interfaces → Interfaces. Select the new device.