Issue with GL-SF1200 WireGuard Tunnel - All Traffic Routing Fails


I am experiencing an issue with my GL-SF1200 router and WireGuard. I have successfully set up a WireGuard server and can establish a connection between the server and my router. I can access the specific IPs (intranet) I allowed through the tunnel without any problems.

However, when I try to route all my traffic through the VPN by setting the Allowed IPs to in the GL.iNet panel, my devices can no longer access the internet. They only maintain access to the router itself. Interestingly, I am able to ping the intranet IPs from the router’s SSH interface, indicating that the router has a working tunnel, but this does not extend to devices connected to the router.

Additionally, attempting the same configuration through LuCI results in no access to either the intranet or the internet, not even for the router itself.

I have not made any changes to iptables rules or the routing table yet. I am looking for guidance on how to properly route all traffic through the WireGuard tunnel without losing connectivity.

Thank you for your help!