Issue with GoodCloud Portal and Mobile App

ever since the recent upgrade to the GoodCloud portal, I have been encountering some problems. When I try to access the device settings page by clicking on the “visit your device web admin panel” button, a new tab opens but it gives me an error stating “device response timeout.” This issue has been persistent and is preventing me from configuring and managing my devices effectively through GoodCloud.

Furthermore, I have also experienced difficulties with the mobile app. It seems to be stuck on the last visited device, and when I attempt to open the device list, it keeps loading indefinitely without displaying any information.

I had the same issue. You need to connect to the device(s) and unbind the router from good cloud, then click forget to remove the router from the service completely. Then exit the app/browser and clear the cached memory/browser pages.

Then connect to each router and bind them to the cloud again.

You should now be back to normal behaviour.