"Issue" with wired client on B1300 mesh

I have just moved my streaming box to attach via cable to one of the satellite nodes on my 3 node B1300 mesh.

In some places it shows the device as being connected via 5G wireless instead of cable:

Mesh on Admin Panel shows correctly

Clients in admin panel shows connected via 5G.

Goodcloud shows as 5G connected

I guess effectively it is 5G connected to the master node.

Is this what is expected?

I’m seeing the same thing. On the Mesh page, I see the device connected via “cable”, but on the clients page it shows as 5G wireless device. SInce the device I am using doesn’t have wifi, I am assuming this is a reporting display issue on the clients page.

Theoretically it’s connected to the satellite via cable but it’s actually connected to the Master node via 5g (via the satellite) so I guess it’s interpretation :grin:

It did confuse me when I first plugged it in when a new 5G connected Android device appeared on my client list though.

Not a biggie but thought I’d point it out :thinking: