Issues accessing remote resources

I have two GL-AR750S units. I have one setup on my local network and configured as a VPN Server using OpenVPN (I’ll refer to this as the Server).

I have another unit setup on another remote network that is connected to the Server as an openVPN client. (I’ll refer to this as the Client)

I can access the Client AR750S control panel via the 10.8.0.x address that it has from my local network. However, I cannot access any of the resources on the Client network.

The Client device I am trying to connect to is an NVR. I can find the IP address, but am unable to ping it as it seems to be blocked by what I am guessing is the Client AR750’s firewall. I setup firewall rules to open up the ports I needed, and even tried putting the device I wanted to access in the DMZ. Still no luck.

Any ideas on how I can access a device on the Client AR750 network when it’s connected to the VPN from the Server’s local network?

Thanks in advance!

On the OpenVPN Client, have you tried turning on the Access Local Network setting when connecting?

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First need to select allow local access in your vpn connection page.

Then you need to port forward from vpn zone to your NVR device.