Issues wireguard firewall zone

Hello there,

I got some huge issues regarding wireguard on the flint ax 1800.

from what I have encountered is the following:

When I turn on wireguard and connect to the vpn, the wireguard part in gl-inet creates dynamicly the wireguard firewall zone.

When I disconnect wireguard inside the gl-inet web part this firewall zone gets removed.

So when I create a isolated AP with its own dhcp server as interface, well I can add a forward to zone wireguard, but this will create the firewall zone wireguard double… or it generates a error 503 because it tries to delete a nill value simply because gl-inets part is not aware of this interface…

the worst of all, is that this whole double firewall zone bypasses my firewall rules completely.

please… could you devs make more intercompatibility between those two so that gl-inets web interface is aware of a already existing zone?, I litterly just tried to use any zone and even this got bypassed.

Hi. I commented out the creation of firewall rules in the /etc/init.d/wireguard. It’s needed to stop wireguard before editing to clear its rules from /etc/config/firewall.