Issues with 4.6.2

Ok, I ended up upgrading to 4.6.2 despite the release notes looking like the 4.6.0.

It is now showing NO repeater connection

while it is actually connected and working. See from SSH:

This is quite confusing.

I love these devices and the innovation you are doing both hardware and software-wise, but do you guys have a test process of your firmware before releasing it?


Working fine here.

I reckon they might :rofl:

Maybe it would be a good idea to do a reset, and start from there.

hello Crafuntyo
Can you provide more details about the bug?
For example, what is set up and enabled when connecting to a trunk
I tested it and I didn't find anything wrong
thank you

Can you post the content of /etc/config/wireless

The issue at the moment "solved itself" without any intervention. After about 20 minutes the Web gui started to behave as expected.

Possibly clearing the browser cache would have worked too.