Issues with install "upload package"

Greetings, i have some problem with install package from file in luci.
Hardware is ax1800 fw 4.2 beta ( OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16399+159-c67509efd7)
I download some package from this Repo like qbittorrent.ipk, but when i try to load ipk file from luci>software>upload package, it send me error 225.
I try install it from ssh: opkg install (link.ipk) but again its tell me error.
I don’t understand how i can install package from other source. :thinking:

And other issues, internal 50mb of memory in storage to use, how i can install software ipk/opkg to usb?

Try to use full path of ipk.

opkg update
opkg install /tmp/qbittorrent.ipk