Issues with vpn policies on flint

Hello there,

So I’m having some issues regarding the vpn policy plugin.

A little bit about my network first:

I placed my ethernet port 1 (eth1) to my own interface and bridged it, and the bridge is no longer connected to eth2, eth3 etc and it uses it own zone to wan and wireguard firewall zone.

This uses three isolated wireless AP with their own zone, and seperated from lan (I configurated this in luci like a routed AP)

Now my problem:

When I enable the vpn policy, it seems to work properly on lan, im not sure on wifi though.

But when I go to my tv, my tv says there is no internet.

I also noticed that when I connect wireguard through gl-inet UI, it adds a firewall zone called wireguard but it also deletes it when I disconnect, the dangerous part is that gl-inet UI is not aware of an already existing firewall zone, this could cause 500 error due a corrupt config because it either adds a duplicate or tries to delete a ‘nill’ zone.

But when I disable the vpn policy, my tv has internet, I also checked my dhcp and all settings are correct.

Is there a way to make vpn policy work on the other subnet ?, Or will it be supported in a next update?

Normal lan network:

Tv lan:

prive wifi:

Public wifi:

Printer wifi ap:

VPN Policy does not yet support VLANS, which will be supported in a future 4.x release.

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