Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block

Hi I bought domino core and after assemble the board and power it up the boot process seems to be stuck at some point, I have no idea what is the problem or is there anything missing. I connect the rx,tx,gnd and I have the kernel log for the boot and it stop each time at the same line (Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block) the full log is in the attachment.


Is this the stock firmware or your own firmware?

This errors happens if the file system is wrong. This could happen during firmware compiling.

Or it maybe caused by hardware connection. Don’t solder the SPI pins if you did that. This could affect the flash.


This is the built in firmware that came with it, I have only solder the pins on the board and turn it on. So you mean that there is a problem in the built in firmware ? can I upload a new one over the serial port ?or there are a problem with spi pins but they need to be soldered eventually . Should unsolder the spi pins and try again or the flash is damaged ?


Can you just check that you solder all the Components and the PIN of the Domino Core.Then please send me a picture,let us to locate the problem.

See the Attachment.

I am implementing the core into my own circuit and I am using the spi pins by connecting ADC to them for measuring current and voltage sensors. I will attach part of the schematic for the domino core and if you need more information to let me solve this problem I can provide you.


I couldnt attach the image because of the size so I sent it via email in reply.

I’m Sorry that you can’t connect your ADC by SPI PINs.
System would read data from the FLASH,if you connect the SPI pins for another use,it will affect the timing of reading data.
First you should disconnect the ADC and SPI pins,then i think you should find another pins for your use.

Good luck

Ok, but what should I do to be able to boot the core on the current design. Is it possible to use a customized firmware that don’t use the SPI pins for example. Or the only way to get this circuit to run is to unsolder the SPI pins ? if the flash didn’t damaged already. Can you guide me to a solution for this situation and I will avoid using the SPI pins in the next design.

Thank you for your help.

Don’t touch the SPI pins, it will affect the flash.

Ok but this will raise up two questions. First why the SPI pins are there in the first place if they were not made to be touched another question is how to read analog values from ADC.


OK, for the SPI, you can touch it, but be careful. In our Domino Pi design we also break out SPI pins and have a SPI/JTAG board for this. We tested and make sure it works. We also met the same problem as yours, when the SPI break traces are too long.

I don’t know about analog.