L2tp vpn

Hi all. I’m new to gl.inet routers and openWRT. I’m looking at the AR150 for a simple travel router so I can connect a Wyze camera to the hotel WiFi. The following info I’m finding though is not clear to me:

I have a Raspberry Pi running an IPSEC/L2TP VPN server in my home. It seems that this router (or any of them?) do NOT support L2TP with a preshared key. However, I’ve read something about LuCI and how it may work just fine. Can anybody help clarify this for me? Or any other suggestions? I’d like to safely have this camera in a hotel room–I believe the camera itself encrypts everything to Wyze servers, but I’d have some extra piece of mind if I could just have everything behind the router tunneled to my home VPN. Thanks for any help!

There are some workaround.

You can use openvpn on your pi. It is called pivpn

You can use firmware 3.105 and in luci you should be able to find l2tp, (no ipsec).

For your application, you are suggested to use openvpn or wireguard to connect to your home server.