L2TP with AR300M?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a new project and need to connect the travel router via L2TP for a specific application. The server only supports this protocol, not OpenVPN or Wireguard. Is this possible with the GL.iNet devices and if so, how do I go about getting it setup? Would appreciate any references/information on this. Thanks!

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You can try using Luci to config L2TP.

You need to install xl2tpd first then come back to network->interfaces

Finally input your server info.

What encryption is in use (L2TP, by itself, doesn’t provide any)?

What authentication method is in use?

Wow thanks for the quick replies; sorry I should have specify IPSEC encryption over L2TP protocol.

If you use IPsec, just omit what I have just posted. It does not work with IPSec.

Ah OK. Yeah I need IPSec as the server uses it. Is there a way to do this? I’m eventually going to get OpenVPN or Wireguard on the server but for the time being it’s L2TP/IPSEC only.

A couple of OpenWrt pages that might help

or one or more threads in Search results for 'L2TP IPSEC' - OpenWrt Forum