Lan device not recogonising

I have connected my GLinet MT300A to the open VPN server at purevpn. On the GLinet Lan I have connected two devices and 1 pc to the pc port. All Devices are configured with static IP. But I am not able to find any devices in the device list of Glinet and also not able to ping each other. But I am able to login to the device from my pc . Why I am not able to reach any of the devices in the Lan network of GLInet. If it is firewall issue kindly give me the settings I have to do. Or kindly help me for this issue

Awaiting your kind assistance on this

Here are two issues:

  1. When you use static IP, the router may not detect them. You’d better use DHCP. What is your firmware version? Can you post a screenshot?

  2. When you want to “reach any of the devices in the LAN network”, do you mean that you want to reach them from your vpn server? Does your vpn server allow this? If yes you need to set up port-forward in your router as well.

I tried with DHCP also. When I use DHCP the device will list in the glinet device list. But still it is not able to communicate outside the network( means I am not able to ping any device outside network).
From VPN server no need to reach. The Glinet is connected to the open vpn server.
In the firwall I have configured to accept all. Port forwarding also done. Still my devices are not able to communicate outside and also not able to communicate each other
Screenshot I will post soon
Thank You

can anybody help me on this?. It seems like devices in the LAN is not getting internet. When connecting to DHCP , I can see that device lists the lease IP of each device, but I am not able to access the gui of the devices. When connecting with static IP, I am able to access GUI. In both case these devices are not getting Internet… It should be something related to LAN issue. Please help

One is lan port, another is wan port. How do you connect two devices?

Glinet is directly connected to Microtek router and Devices in my LAN is connected to Glinet using a switch