Laptop can't connect to Slate: how to debug


In my lab, I’m comparing a Slate with a Velica device.
My ultimate goal is to use these Slate or Velica as a wifi repeater in weak spots.
I selected the Velica for it dual 5GHz radios though I’m not yet convinced it could make any difference in my target use case.

Both Slate and Velica devices are powered with 3.215 firmware and configured with:

  • a 2.4 GHz uplink to a WPA2 Enterprise WiFi network
  • a 5 GHz downlink for guests secured with WPA2 Personal.

I’ve got 3 end user devices with which I’m connecting to the guest network:
1 a Ubuntu powered Lenovo laptop,
2 a Redmi android 10 smartphone Acer GalliumOS (Ubuntu derivative) laptop.

After several attempts, here are my findings:

Device Velica Slate
Acer laptop OK OK
Redmi phone OK OK
Lenovo laptop OK KO !

Of course:

  • when switching for Velica to Slate or the opposite, settings in end user devices are not changed, so that a password typo cannot st&a&y unnoticed,
  • all end user devices can directly connect to many Wifi SSID, either with PSK ou 802.1X,
  • during latest tests, devices were located 1m away from Slate/Velica which was 2m away from AP.

So bottom line, is my Lenovo laptop consistently fails to connect my Slate device.

Lenovo laptop’s syslog:
NetworkManager … dhcp4 (wlp2s0): request timed out

In Slate’s system log, i can see several DHCPDISCOVER/DHCPOFFER exchanges but no DHCPREQUEST/DHCPACK.

How can I debug this ?
What can explain this ?

Best regards