Laptop --> GLiNet Router (WG Server) --> Router ; VPN tunnel?

I have a WG VPN server running on my GLiNet router and a specified my laptop to be a client. I followed the instructions for WireGuard Server, WireGuard Client - GL.iNet Docs

Is the data to and from my laptop going through a vpn tunnel? The router’s been setup as a wireguard server, but I didn’t install any WG software on my laptop. I don’t see a wg0 interface when I run ifconfig on my laptop.

Do I need two GLiNet routers to have a wireguard vpn? One as a client and one as a server? Or install software on my laptop?


welcome greg,
you may have missed this in the link you posted.

Wireguard App on different devices

You can also use WireGuard App on other devices with various OS

since you said ‘ifconfig’ above then I can assume a linux os for you desktop.
just make sure your wgserver is the gateway device to the internet, if not you need to port forward the udp port from the internet gateway router to the wgserver.

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Thank you friend! I did miss that.
I am up and running on wireguard! :sunglasses:

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