Latest iOS App V2.4.0 there is NO output from the AT commands

I executed 5 different AT commands from the list (pre-defined) and manual, there is NO output, its a bug, please fix, thank you

Could you please attach the log file or more specific operational information?and your phone model?
Thanks in advance!

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The app was working fine until I upgraded to the latest version today.

I’m sorry, could you provide more specific operational information or a video so that we can reproduce the problem and fix it as soon as possible?

Open App → Main Menu → Network (Tab) → Advanced (Bottom) → AT Command → Execute any AT command, from the Shortcut list or a Manual Command, I will press Done, I will get the Success popup notification but nothing will be displayed, there is no result on the screen of the AT command executed.

I have used this functionality a lot with the previous version of the App it worked fine. Before and now I am using iOS 17.0.3