Latest stable firmware & adblock for AR300M

I just got the mini router, the firmware installed on it 2.27. Can anybody let me know, what is the latest firmware for this router. I see version 3.0 in downloads section:
However, it is not auto-updating itself to that version. Should I manually flash it in this case?

Also, I’m not able to make default adblock package work. I had installed packages adblock 2.6.2-1 and luci-app-adblock git-17.290.79498-d3f0685-1 and selected the usual adblock sources after installation. Luci cp mentions adblock is running, however no ads are being blocked. I’ve tried restarting the router and suspending and re-activating adblock but to no avail.

Not sure of the reason, as log also doesn’t mention any useful. I see latest adblock script version available on openwrt repo is 3.5+, but I don’t see it in packages. Are there any tutorials on adding more repo for this router?

Latest firmware version is 2.27.

You can upgrade to the latest firmware(v3.0), it is available in

Ofc, you have to upgrade manually. Please don’t ticked “keep settings” when upgrading. The version of adblock is 3.5.2 on the latest repo.