Launching WiFi Module GL-M9331-Plus and GL-M7620N

GL-M9331-Plus (Domino Core+) is an upgraded version of Domino Core. Features include

  • AR9331 SoC, 400MHz, 16MB flash, 64MB RAM
  • Powered by 5V directly
  • Signal amplifier, 20dBm output
  • 2x15 2mm male headers. with USB, WAN, LAN, UART, I2S and 11 GPIOs.
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GL-M7620N is a powerful 300Mbps WiFi module. Features include:

  • MTK 7260N SoC, 580MHz CPU, 16MB flash, 64MB RAM
  • 802.11 b/g/n 300Mbps WiFi
  • 20 dBm output
  • 1.27 mm male headers,
  • WAN, I2C, UART and 9 GPIOs.