LCD hooked up to AR-150

I thought I’d have some fun and hook up a serial 2x16 LCD to an AR-150.

It’s connected through the TX pin of the on board UART.

I had to source 5V somewhere and decided to connect it up to GND and +5V pinholes intended for the PPoE module. Not sure if that is OK but there is no smoke and all is rolling nicely.

Is there a better way to source 5V power from the PCB?



It’s a nice job that you have done. But we don’t have a independ 5V on the PCB.The +5V pin of the POE module is the best solution for external device.

Nice! :slight_smile:

Can you describe in more detail which parts you did use, how to put them together, which software you did use, how you did the configuration, etcetera?

Already found more details. I will place the link to your thread with the details in here: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

Tx! :slight_smile:

Let me know if anything is unclear and I’d be happy to elaborate further.