LED sequence for OVPN Connection

When VPN is connecting or re-connecting I can’t tell whether it’s connecting or failed.

I want to add an LED sequence (might be the same as the factory reset sequence?) where it blinks each led one at a time in a loop to show that it’s connecting.

I know how to set an LED for VPN = On etc, but does anyone know how I could set an LED sequence for this sort of purpose?

In firmware v2.261, the middle LED is used to indicate openvpn.

When openvpn is connected, it is on. When openvpn is not connected, it is off. Can you please check?

@alzhao I know it shows connected / disconnected but I’m trying to indicate ‘connecting’ when OpenVPN is attempting to connect, sometimes it loops in this state anyway.

Then you have to write a script to control the LED directly.

The script just check if openvpn process is exiting and if vpn is connected. If connecting, blink the LED. The LED can be blinked by writing to the LED file /sys/class/leds/xxxxx/brightness

I purchased MT300N-V2 and MT300N. The LED indication for VPN connection works fine in V2. But on the MT300N, the LED is not ON during VPN connection.

I checked the System->LED Configuration and it looks correct.

I am on firmware 2.261 on both models.

Any suggestions?

After the vpn is connected, go to Luci and check again. I suspect that the settings may be wrong. So you can fix in Luci.