Let's get the MC7455 working in MiFi!

What did you have to do to get the MC7455 working?


Install that Firmware.

Thanks! Was there a way to get back to the original firmware? Were there any other steps to get the MC7455 working? How do you do band locking on r00ter?

I got a EM7656 to work in a Mifi/GoldenOrb, if that’s still of interest.

Hey, tell me how do you did it ? It would be very interesting for me !

Sorry @Antennenfreak , never saw your reply. Are you still interested ? Infortunately the 7656 seems to draw too much power so that the Mifi every now and then restarts.

I’m currently trying to get an x750 working with a MC7455 modem, would love to get some input because I’m not having any luck so far