Limitation on 1Gbit/s - GL-MV1000

Hi Team,

I bought a brand new GL-MV1000 / GL-MV1000W Edge Computing Gateway, which provide a 1Gigabit Ports on wire network.

I have the following:

  1. 500MB internet speed
  2. Top 1Gbit router
  3. GL-MV1000 connected with 1Gbit router
  4. Surface pro with 1Gbit connected via a docking station to GL-MV1000

All devices are connected with a wired network, and Surface pro connected with GL-MV1000; I’m getting is 290Mbs from iperf3, and the internet speed is 300Mbs without connecting any VPN client or server.

If I connect my surface pro with an ISP router (not GL-MV1000), I’m getting 500MB internet speed, and network speed (iperf3) is 950Mbs.

All Rj45 are 1Gbit wires.

My question is why when I connect Surface pro with GL-MV1000, I’m getting low speed without connecting any VPN. is there anything I’m missing? Please help on this matter?

Appricate your support.


For maximum possible speed, you need to disable the “Graphic evaluation of the traffic” on gl webinterface if you dont use it. Thats are one me known point which can limit the speed.

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Thanks a lot @Henry_Bruns

You are correct, I have turned off “speed and traffic statistics” and now I’m getting the speed as expected. :).

By the way, is this a bug or due to not enough hardware resources?
Reason to ask if in the future we would like to use speed and traffic statistics without compromisinging the network speed?

Thanks for the response.