List of current feature requests 2022

Add parents control, QoS to GUI.
Optimize file storage control.


How about supporting both OpenVPN and Wireguard server protocols simultaneously, so we can have VPN servers with both a fast UDP VPN with Wireguard, and a TCP VPN with OpenVPN to work around client side network blocking. It would also be helpful if we could use TCP port 443 for OpenVPN serving, as it is almost never blocked by hotels, airlines, coffee shops, Airbnb, …


Hello. Also is it possible to add a “wifi time control” function (like wifi-schedule in Luci) in Web Admin Panel? Thank you!
Example parent control + time calendar from tp-link

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And dual WAN implementation on GUI with WAN aggregation (load balancing) and WAN failover will just be the icing on the beautiful cake.

Security related improvements will be great like:

  • set more security default values Like WPA2/WPA3 than only WPA2 and some other WiFi related non secure default values. Check the advanced admin menu.
  • don’t blow the router name around by NETBIOS
  • run only services which are used, like don’t run OPENVPN and Wireguard, don’t rung OpenVPN Server, Wireguard server and dropebear if not used
  • Replace the not secure NTP by a secured one from Cloudflare or use a DNS based timesource. Thats should protect from easy faking the time and by this the certificates validity of certificates.
  • Fix the Cloudflare related DNS bug or disable the use of Cloudflare.

For the rest of longer list of possible improvements and of a fix waiting bugs, check the follow:

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We will support the MWAN3 configuration in version 4.100.


We will add parental controls in version 4.100 to allow different device groups to access the Internet at different times, similar to the effect of wifi-schedule.


Hello everyone, love your work and product. I have three devices so far and climbing.
Under the clients page, can we add a historical graph for bandwidth usage per device?

I know you guys are baking this into the goodcloud, but I would like to have a similar traffic graph but local for people who do not want to use the cloud :)) that would be awesome!!

Is it also possible to make a little more advanced controls in the File Sharing menu (samba) such as creating users, their passwords and read / write access also per user?

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Have you tried with luci-app-samba?

Yes, I use luci-app-samba also with other luci-apps when GUI cannot reach certain functions, as I think we all do.
What I mean is that if it is possible to integrate these more advanced samba functions into the gl.inet GUI.
I think that’s what this post is about, to propose ideas to improve the gl.inet GUI according to us, the final users, right?

We will add NAS functionality to the high performance product, which will include the functionality you mentioned, and the file sharing function will not be further developed.

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OK thanks.
I am assuming that the AR750S-Slate (not to mention the AR750- Creta) will no longer be considered a high performance product, am I correct?

The AR750S is not suitable for use as a file server because of its very limited disk read/write capability.

NAS functionality would not be on my list of priorities for you except for limited sharing of movies or music for users that could tolerate complete data loss. Even with USB3, performance will be so-so, vulnerable to ransomware and disk failure, and impair the router functioning as a router.

I’ve been down this road with Asus-Merlin file sharing, and with a single disk Seagate NAS. The Seagate suffered complete data loss twice (failed disk). I’ve moved on to a real opensource NAS with redundancy.

But good luck with the project!

I don’t have much hope but… DFS support :sweat_smile:

DFS support needs to pass relevant certification, maybe some new products will be DFS certification, I can’t confirm.

This only about money.

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So far, I can’t get IPv6 and LTE to work. Maybe fixing this problem?
Also, DFS +1


I’m doing some testing on qos and we’ll be adding it to the firmware this year. Some tests for SQM and Buffbloat