Local network speed


I’m planning to by a GL-MT300N v2 with WISP capability.

On vacation I will have WiFi with a poor free, shared and not protected connection on the Internet. Just fast enough to get Spotify on my Chromecast, not fast enough for videos.

What I want to do is watch movies, that are stored on my laptop, with Plex thru my Chromecast. Will the local connection between my laptop and my Chromecast be faster enough. Plex needs Internet just to get the movies list after that it’s a local connection.


MT300N-V2 provide very good wifi performance. I have 100Mbps cable here and I can get 90Mbps when testing speed using wifi.

Since it’s only a “one radio” device, will the poor and often loosing Internet connection can affect the local wifi transfert speed?

Ex: If I try to access Internet from my phone while watching a local movie from my laptop and Chromecast?

if you use WISP and Internet connection is poor, performance should be affected.