Localhost WebApp not available by IPv4 Address


We have a WebApp setup on a laptop which is connected to a Mango, GL-MT300N.

From that device, I can browse to the app using localhost, or the IPv4 address

GOOD :slight_smile:

BUT - from other devices, connected to the Mango network, I cannot browse to the WebApp using that same IP.

What am I doing wrongly?

Mango is in its default state.


Meant to mention - Mango is NOT connected to the internet…and that’ the way it needs to be, as we’re trying to setup a Mobile LAN for Primary Care clinics that need to operate in remote areas that won’t have an internet connection…


Thanks, again!

PS - I can ping the Mango AND the localhost IPv4 address

Hopefully someone smarter will chime in but it might be helpful to know more about the environment. I see on your website that this is running on windows 10… Does windows have a native webserver or is it on apache or some other server? I presume to be considered secure enough to store sensitive info, a windows computer has had some major locking down done. Is there maybe a firewall or something local blocking access?

Unless otherwise configured web services will usually need a port specified after the IP. Most common would be or but could be anything really.


I am looking in your post history and I see someone else suggested checking about the firewall SImple Router with DHCP - #5 by eric

My suspicion would be to investigate the host machine rather than the router. I’ve set up things like this and never had to fiddle with the router to get basic functionality.

Maybe it is just a windows firewall issue.


You’re right :slight_smile:

Switched Windows Firewall from Public to Private, and it’s working.

Next stop, a Family Care Clinic, under a tarpaulin in rural Eastern Uganda, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thank you.