Looking for 2 solutions

So I have 2 questions I’d like to work through.

  1. I have a gl-ar750-ext that I absolutely love. What I am using it for at the moment is to tether my phones internet connection to my network router. I am not using it for anything other than a bridge extect that I have no idea how to put it in bridge mode so it can pass the connection through from USB to Ethernet. It seems my phone does not play well with USB to Ethernet adapters otherwise I would use one of those. Since the firmware is built off openwrt, can someone tell me how to make this work properly?

  2. if the above is possible, is there another device like the microuter/n300 that provides the same functionality minus the additional hardware?

  1. What model is your existing network router? Some can tether natively and/or do primary/failover/load balancing.
  2. at the least, you can plug a LAN port on the slate to the WAN port on your router. It would be double natted but that should work.

My home network router is a multi-wan (ar750 connected to 1 wan) Cisco with no USB so not an option and no wifi (have a nighthawk x6 for my AP). Trying to avoid multi-nat which is what I have with my current 750 config because I’m already dealing with cgnat from the carrier, and bridging is one less headache to deal with when dealing with remote access.

Little backstory lol, I’m a retired network engineer that moved offgrid in the mountains and can only get connectivity by means of a single cell provider which I need multiple lines of service load balanced to provide a tolerable experience here at home. I’m using the equipment I have already to make sure my lan is optimal and structured the way I prefer (VLANs/ACLs and such).

Fascinating. Off topic, maybe, but how many lines of cell service do you have going, and does it really increase the throughput? I have this vision of five slates and five cell phones lined up and plugged into the Cisco.

You might look at Google Fi, with several data sims that all share the same account. You probably would get maxed out on the monthly fee and each one capped on the data speed, but maybe better than several individual accounts.

Maybe off topic too, I saw a youtube video about Starlink network for people very away from “civilisation” (in the USA) and it seemed to work fine.

Been on wait list for a long time :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding number of lines, I have 4. Since I cannot do multihoming through these services which requires the isp to merge the data requests on there end, the load balancing does help because it keeps any one data connection from being flooded with requests if it’s already maxed out, especially if I’m streaming Netflix then want to use the laptop or take a video call on the tablet. I have a fixed data plan that doesn’t have a monthly limit. Most providers offer so many gigs a month at high speed for hotspot then they drop it down to like 600k until next billing cycle. I like knowing what I have to work with for the whole month.

When doing tethering it does not work as bridge, currently on the router. Never tried that.

No, I believe it might be possible to work the magic in luci but passthrough isn’t possible on the front end

So I guess the questions here might be does the n300 run openwrt similar to ar750 and can I just create a relay bridge interface between the tethering interface and the lan interface to allow unobstructed passthrough of everything?

There may be some “magic in luci” that can do that by combining the USB interface into the BR-LAN interface. I haven’t tried it myself though.