Looking for a Hootoo Competitor

Hi all

I recently bought a hootoo travel router - the small red accent one with a power bank

I really needed it to act a a bridge to get on a hotels wifi - mainly to use the chromecast when away from home and it worked quite well but found that wifi was a bit slow on occasion

So while it works OK i thought the interface was a bit naff and then came across the GL inet range - and these look more like a more serious device

Im pretty green to them but looking at more the higher end ranges like the AR750 or the AR300M with external antennas

Is there any preference - not sure if you can use natively as a plex client of some sort yet or at least would need DLNA to share files if needed

Any recommendations or thoughts of which is better

AR300M is 2.4G while AR750 is dual band.

We didn’t have DLNA installed but you can search the forum for a guide.