Looking for device tree file for GL-AR300M-EXT

I have been successfully compiling images for the GL-AR300M-EXT and need to modify the device tree file to use the UART pins as GPIO

Where do I download the qca9531_glinet_ar300m file? Assuming this is the correct file, It doesn’t exist on my system. Where does it need to be placed on my development system folder path for it to be included on the target image?

The GL.iNet firmware is built from the ar71xx target which is not a DTS-based target.

The upstream, OpenWrt sources on master (or the forthcoming v19 branch) also have the ath79 target, which is DTS-based. The ar71xx target has been deprecated for future development.

OK thanks for the info.

I want to use the GPIO pins 9 and 10 which are configured as UART. How do I do this on my device?

On AR300M there is only the single UART (GPIO9, GPIO10), and it’s reserved for the console by default as a failsafe in OpenWRT.

On OpenWRT Master, on the ATH79 target, you have access to the device tree, so feel free to move it about, keep in mind that console with Master is kind of important…

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OK I’m getting a little confused here as there are a LOT of outdated links for compiling the firmware for my GL-AR300M-EXT, please set me straight:

  1. WHICH OpenWRT master do I download to get the correct ATH79 link. Provide a valid working link please.

Everything I have found on the GL-iNet forums provides links to stuff that ran on Ubuntu v16 which won’t even compile on because the libraries used are all outdated. I have downloaded the latest OpenWRT Stable image and compiled stuff for AR71xx because there isn’t even an option for ATH79. Even the up-to-date GL_SDK here is for the AR71xx and I can’t seem to find anything for ATH79

GL-AR300M is supported on OpenWrt master under the ath79 target.


There is also a PR in place that includes NAND support for the GL-AR300M and GL-AR750S. It is functional today and can be cloned from GitHub - jeffsf/openwrt: *Branches here are likely outdated.* This repo is for my pull requests to OpenWrt and public testing branches. on the ath79-nand-pr branch. I need to rebase the PR again, but it can be followed at https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/2184