Luci-app-qos and sqm-qos not work for 4.4.6 fw version of flint ax 1800

hi recently try to install the luci-app-qos and sqm-qos for the ax 1800 flint with not success, there are some missed packages in the fw compilation, try to downgrade to severeal different versions and only work in 4.2.0 fw.

I hope that you can fix those packages in future builds because there are useful in order to do advanced sqm scripts and configurations.

Dump the GL firmware. Flash @solidus1983 's vanilla build. Install, test. Reflash back to stock if unsatisfied.

You read like you’re going to want far more control over the Flint than the GL GUI provides anyways.

Can you try 4.5.0 beta? It will be released soon.

Pls let me know which package is missing or not working.

i can give it a try but right now i am doing some bufferbloat test in fw 4.2.0 with a gigabit connection, using sqm-qos package with a gigabit connection and wan port rule of 200000 kbits/s down/up i Obtain a solid A+ bufferbloat, but when i Push i my conection in order to obtain the max speed of gigabit connection for example 900000 kbits/s the connection are very unstable and suffer much bufferbloat, for other side i see a lot of cpu utilization in 900000 kbits/s, i think that in 3.x firnware that issue are not present

this is my bufferbloat test with 200.000kbits/s test

and this is the 900.000 kbits/s test

maybe the cpu is not enough to manage sqm 900.000 kbits/s connection?

I’m not sure but isn’t the package gl-sdk4-qos already doing that? Or is it designated for client qos?
When I run a bufferbloat test without sqm installed it acts like it is handling it out of the box?
My connection is not as fast as yours but most consumer routers can’t go past 500 Mbps when SQM is on, at least using Cake.