M1300 Glinet firmware connected to WLAN as client but Luci showing all networks as disabled and not associated

I just installed Luci on the M1300 Glinet firmware. I can go into advanced and Luci pops up.

But the settings are all weird. In Glinet the M1300 is connected to a WLAN as client, but on Network-Wireless in Luci all Wireless are listed as disabled and not associated.
And I do not see an active WLAN connection in Overview either.

As MT1300 is not using opensource wifi driver, Luci interface is not compatible.

Will the MT1300 wifi driver be ever opensource?

Is the newest beta firmware 3.211 compile time 2021-11-12 14:46:31 using a opensource driver?

I don’t think MTK will open source the wifi driver. But open source wifi driver of MTK chipset is pretty good. I’d rather wait for open source wifi driver supporting this chipset.

The beta firmware 3.211 still use MTK Proprietary wifi driver.